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Our company renders following services in the organisation of sales of production:

1. Carrying out of successful negotiations at any level.  
2. The conclusion of contracts of sales under your demand and from your company in the co-ordinated Region.  
3. Selection of partners and potential buyers of your production in the co-ordinated Region.  
4. Performance of functions of department of sales:  
  • A booking on production delivery;
  • Formation of orders by quantity and date;
  • Timely sending of orders for your manufacture or firm for
    the further delivery of production to the customer
  • The control for debts;
  • The control over verification on payment of sold production.
5.Conclusion of the companies to the new regional markets and construction of system of distribution.  
6. Consultations on development of the company or a management of company development in region or in Russia as a whole.  

From the aforesaid follows that our firm at will of the Customer incurs completely functions on the organisation of sales of production of the customer. The customer still has only manufacture and delivery of qualitative production or services in demands of buyers precisely in terms and with all the documentation.

What is the outsourcing?

Outsourcing (from English outsourcing: an external source) — transfer by the organisation of certain business processes on service of other company specialising in corresponding area.
On outsourcing functions on the professional organisation and support of separate business processes on the basis of the long contract are transferred usually. Business process presence is an outsourcing distinctive feature.
The outsourcing overall objective consists in possibility to release corresponding organizational, financial and manpower resources of the Customer that the Customer developed new directions, or has concentrated the efforts to the existing directions of business demanding special attention.
Outsourcing creates rather convenient and comfortable business – environment.
Outsourcing will help to liquidate quickly problems in the organisation of sales of your production, will provide with constant orders your enterprise. Besides, outsourcing can protect the client from failures in system of sales, and also from financial losses.
Thus, outsourcing is today one of the best forms of co-operation.
In this case, we act in a role of the Contractor, and the organisation which transfers us the business processes, in a role of the Customer.

Use of services in outsourcing of sales and to legal outsourcing is effective for the companies which face necessity of the decision of problems on increase of efficiency of sales, on the organisation of additional sales, on creation and execution of the working scheme of a booking, their formation and transfer to the Customer to precisely agreed terms.

Advantages of outsourcing

The companies choose model of outsourcing of sales and legal outsourcing thanking their basic advantages:

  1. Increase of profit and investment appeal of the company:
    • Possibility to be focused on the basic business at the expense of responsibility transfer on the organisation of sales of production or services;
    • Increase of investment appeal of that expenses become accurately allocated, clear, predicted at the expense of a transparency of pricing of services of outsourcing;
    • Quality of the service provider of sales and legal support of the company a priori above the services rendered by own services since аутсорсер constantly is in a condition of a competition and does not presume to render poor-quality services because of risk of loss of the contract, and its own service is monopoly, therefore at use of this model losses from sales of production and poor-quality legal support of business thanks to what value of the half-received profit decreases are minimised;
    • Quality of services of the supplier of outsourcing of sales and legal outsourcing is defined in the contract, measured, is supervised and is insured.
  2. Optimisation of costs:
    • Reduction of expenses on support of sales and legal support of business at the expense of use of the turned out contacts, techniques and technologies of sales, legal support of business, and also resources of the service provider of outsourcing;
    • Flexible management of expenses for the organisation and support of sales and legal support of business depending on an economic situation of business of the company.
  3. Depreciation of realisation of business process:
    • Reduction and the control of costs (as a rule is cheaper, than the salary of established posts and expenses on the maintenance of department of sales);
    • Economy on taxes to the salary of established posts of department of sales;
    • Clearing of internal resources of the company for the decision of other questions.
  4. Increase in quality of received products or services:
    • Company focusing on primary activity;
    • Use of specialised knowledge and technologies.
  5. Decrease in the risks connected with realisation of business process:
    • Reduction of influence of uncontrollable factors;
    • Division and partial transfer of other company of risks.



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